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Cellular Evidence Services, LLC provides expert witnessing and consulting services on civil cases and also to law enforcement.  Services are offered by Breck McDaniel, a retired police sergeant who worked for the Houston Police Department for over twenty years.  Mr. McDaniel has over seventeen years of full-time investigative experience, including over five years investigating homicides, and nearly ten years supervising investigators.  He has been working extensively with electronic communications information, especially cell phone information, since 2001.  He created a dedicated unit at the Houston Police Department to focus on cell phones, ran the Houston Police Department's Digital Forensic Lab (DFL), and has worked full-time as a cell phone expert since 2015.  He has personally worked hundreds of hired cell phone expert cases, including extensive expert-report creation, and deposition/court/trial testimony.  In doing so, Mr. McDaniel has worked as an expert on well over one hundred civil and criminal cases in jurisdictions throughout the country and internationally.  Additionally, he has prepared well over one hundred cell phone expert reports and still volunteers as a police officer focusing on electronic communications matters as a sworn district attorney investigator at a District Attorney's Office just outside of San Antonio, Texas.    

Mr. McDaniel has trained nearly 14,000 law enforcement officials on these matters and has personally attended over 2,600 hours of formal training and events related to cell phones.  He possesses a bachelor's degree in government and a master's degree in technology commercialization, both from the University of Texas at Austin.  He also possesses a master's degree in criminal justice, including a graduate certificate in criminal justice leadership and management, from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.  For more information regarding his background, here is a link to his LinkedIn page.  
Additionally, a detailed curriculum vitae (CV), fee schedule, engagement contract/terms, and extensive references are available upon request.    

Mr. McDaniel has provided expert assistance on many cases, including homicides, aggravated robberies, aggravated kidnappings, insurance disputes (auto and home), personal injury including many auto wrongful death cases, and family/domestic matters such as divorce, child custody, etc. Links are provided below for sample media coverage and case-law references on select cases where Mr. McDaniel has provided expert assistance.  

Murder Case                                                  Murder Case (case-law affirmed)   


Aggravated Kidnapping Case                        Capital Murder Case (case law affirmed)

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*Device forensics work is done under a sister company, BCM Investigations, LLC, a Texas-licensed private investigation company, license #A04075401.